Band Members

The band’s founder members Mete Ege on guitars and vocals (George Michael, SKY TV, BBC etc.) and Nick Marangoni on drums (2012 London Olympics Ceremony, Underworld etc.) are both well-known and established session/studio musicians who played/recorded for many known artists, record companies & broadcasters.


London Blusion’s third album ‘Three is A Crowd’, released in June 2018, have Mete Ege and Nick Marangoni still driving the band with Cem Tuncer on bass guitar, Chicco Allotta on piano and organ, Aaron Liddard on saxophone, James Lawrence on trombone, and Deanna Gee-Gee Wilhelm on trumpet (Kindly covering Bodo Maier‘s absence). Also Magdy Abdel-Rehim (Cairo Son) guesting on backing vocals on ‘Men Of This Land (Remix 2018)’ and Cem Baykara provided the second guitar on ‘Jam & Play’.


The line up on the “Second Time Lucky“ album are also noted and respected musicians within London and international music scene including Elliot Randall of Steely Dan (on second guitar on the opening track “Oh Why ?”), Costa Tancredi (Amy Winehouse, Eric Clapton etc.), Luigi Casanova (Joanne Shaw Taylor), Cem Tuncer, Fethi Okutan (Fethi Okutan Project) on bass guitar, Aaron Liddard (Amy Winehouse, Prince), Leszek Kotarski and Gabriele Virgilio Pribetti on saxophone, James Lawrence on trombone, Yelfris Valdes (Gilles Peterson), Bodo Maier and Sam Warner on trumpet, Joe Bickerstaff, Chicco Allotta, Danny Mattin, Danillo Mazzone on piano and organ, Claudia Zanonni, Magdy Abdel-Rehim (Cairo Son), Lisa Yves and Batu Akdeniz (Heavy Sky) on vocals. Mete also invited fellow guitar players Mo Nazam (Jazz Warriors), Nigel Price (James Taylor Quartet), Ugur Karaman (Fethi Okutan Project) and Steve Kelly (Stevie K Band) to play on the track “Guitarmen”. Alexander Ferragamo (Cashmere) on guitar also contributed on the track “Jimi”.